Thursday, August 07, 2008

hard to wait

Tomorrow morning I have to take my horse to the vet. Alone. Well, Him and I.
I have never done this before and although I'm a bit nervous the way I learned to drive a stick-shift was when I HAD to drive the Audi to work while living in ATLANTA. SCARY ATLANTA. I had only driven this car once before in the parking lot.
I was teaching riding at the Girl Scout Camp, and I was GOING. I left the apartment complex so nervous my foot wouldn't stay on the clutch.

I got flipped off four times on the bypass, but I did it.

so I'm doing this. I got this. My dusty man is going to be very cooperative and happy because he is getting chiropractic! There has been good talk about the new Vet in town that is fresh out of school.

I'm wondering how other horse owners feel about calling the vet. How long do you wait? One, two, maybe four days before you call for non emergency things?

Do your vets get irritated when he comes to your barn for what he thinks as not a big deal? As horse owners, is it hard for you to play home equine veterinarian?

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