Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bless their hearts.

I've been watching the Equestrian games at my leisure on the NBC website. It's really fabulous, I can't even stay in my chair watching Anky FLOATING around the arena! So, thanks for such awesomeness NBC.
My friend suggested that I watch this...

Modern Pentathlon (Excuse me, WHAT is this?)

screengrab via nbc.com
I'm thinking this is where the trouble starts. I have trouble with my diagonal while posting. This chic has trouble with her two-point position. At least I HAVE a post. Bless her heart.

screengrab via nbc.com
owh YES! look at this! Her body looks like she wants to slow down but what are her legs saying? Bless her heart. Is that a new "Natural Horsemanship" way to halt?

Lets get a better look at that.
screengrab via nbc.com
Note to self: Don't confuse CREW practice with riding lessons.

screengrab via nbc.com
The point in which the horse says "FUCKOFF." Proceeds to run right into the wall. Bless his heart.

Horses don't want to run into walls.

screengrab via nbc.com
"I can do this. You can't. LatAhhh." clippitty-clop, clippitty-clop.


screengrab via nbc.com


(roaring laughter)

screengrab via nbc.com
Did ya'all see that?!?!?!"

Congratulations to all Olympians! You're all sexy beasts. I know, I watched the opening ceremonies.

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