Friday, August 29, 2008

I was riding with happy tears.

This is the end of the rainbow!
yup. What I've always known, and here... you can see it with your own eyes!

My dressage pony is at the end of the rainbow.

Dusty was a little off. He went to the vet. Instead of subjecting his organs to Bute twice a day all that time I decided to go with an external anti-inflamitory called Surpass. It was applied to his hock, hip and stifle once a day for two weeks. Dusty had a good month off of work and he came back with amazing rhythm and forwardness. I had no trouble getting back on him. I couldn't wait actually.

I've been taking it pretty easy on him the last week. We're getting more adventurous with the places we roam around the property and I am learning a lot about his mind as he navigates new areas. He keeps his head about him. He's not a spooky horse, but inquisitive. The one time he shuttered in place was because the mare spooked. I can literally feel him putting his trust in me as we walk. I feel that he is saying "I dunno about this, but as long as your cool, I'm cool. Actually I kinda like it.... I don't have to work? I can just relax and walk? Can we just go slowly so that I can see everything?"

I get emotional when I think of the bond we have now. The training and the riding is one thing, but its the bond that completes it. I feel like sobbing with happy tears when I get to the barn and he whinneys up to me. It's everything I can ever remember wanting. I love this horse. I LOVE the DustyMan.

Yesterday he acted like a total ass to me while he was lunging. Instead of it being a stretch session it was an airs above the groud session because when he trips or he doens't like where his foot landed he gets really pissed at the ground. It only takes him once though, the next time around he finds his footing and balance.

The newest trick I've seen him do is rear straight up, and then jump off his hind legs too (and I'm yelling "DOOOOOD! YOU JUST HAD A MONTH OFF!!! BAHHHH."). Pretty impressive. He's even inpressed with himself as he does these things and canters off throwing his head around. This just ends up being a big mess because he gets so distracted. I have to chase him around to get him back then he gets mad that I'm chasing him around. In just a short time he will relax and start to stretch. As long as I stay calm.

When I got on him he felt stiff. I did lots of figure eights, transitions and 20m circles. No canter yet though. He anticiapted I was going to ask for it once and got rushy and evading so I switched the plan, he had to think. Good for him. I swear he can read my mind. The amazing sensitivity of riding a horse.

I rode him in warm up for about 20 mins and then as I felt him get softer I started to ask for a little engagement. He didn't want to give it, but he wasn't kicking out or trying to bite my inside leg. I opened up the outside rein more, played with the inside rein with leg and he stretched into it. It took a few circles but he did well. I did some lateral work. He changed into a floaty cloud and I sat his very forward trot with no problem. At this moment I realized what had just taken place. I was riding with happy tears. It was SO MUCH fun!

I changed directions and he was good on the other side too. I immediently got off. He got lots of praise, a whole apple, five sugar cubes, and a warm shower.

I'm gettting ready to go to the barn now. I can't wait!

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