Thursday, July 31, 2008


The "auto" select word option on my phone sux so badly that it doesn't even auto spell VERIZON. It gives me: "Teriwon"
It is, after all my network.

I have spelled "Krissy" twelveteen-thoOousand times on my phone and it will STILL spell "Krispx". Every. Time. The same goes for a word that comes out as DUCK.

When I type words out, it guesses the first three letters correctly but not the fourth. Say, it would select an F when I actually need an E- so I scroll through the number, to get the E...IT CHANGES THE REST OF THE WORD

and ever since it went swimming it has dried out (thankfully!) but now it wont hold a charge longer than 2.5 hours. Then it starts the BEEPING. The very loud and annoying beeping that I cannot turn off. PLEASE, oh please let us turn the beping off!?

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