Saturday, July 26, 2008

The story, of the story of, the story of Disney World.

GEEzE This guy looks like he never seen pixie dust

I got to go to Disney World for a few days for some Business Meetings. I was really excited when Mr. Tie Dye, the owner of a company I work for asked me if I wanted to join he and Cathy for this round of Meetings with the buyers. I haven't even been to Disney World since I was like, twelve. Which would explain this:

"WoOooWh um, MAIN Street really looks a lot different from what I remember.?."
"That's because we're not in the Magic Kingdom. Different park woman."

Well? there is no sign that says: YOU ARE ENTERING HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS when you're backstage. There's just this:


(OMG the song "black coffee in Bed" just came on! LOL these 80's songs give me uneasy thoughts of the awkward teen years.)

So the first day we were there we had time to set up the room and get things ready for the meetings the next day. We were hoping to make it on time because of the torrential downpour and massive traffic jam on the freeway. We stopped to get prepared for the weather. I came out of Wallgreens with my new plastic rain coat in such haste that as soon as my old flip-flop hit that yellow paint on the curb there was just a loud THUMP heard inside the van. I was there and I was not. I think Cathy was laughing...
I jumped up glad because as it from my angle, I was going under the van. Luckly, my hip broke my fall. And my elbow has mild road rash that hurts like a thousand second burned matches. I was laughing the whole time. Felt like I fell off a horse. "Twister" to be exact. I was in mild stress because I had no betadine! But other than that I was ready to go. Cathy disappeared into the store for band-aids and triple-antibiotic cream...

Cathy in FRAAAHHHhnce
We had dinner that night in France...Cathy zad zat "ze FRAuuuUUNch!MUWAH!" She didn't much care for her dinner though.

The fireworks started in the middle of the cheese plates that were delivered with delicious French bread rolls. Cath and I went out to see them wile we waited for our food. She was reluctantly having a conversation with her mom about what color bed skirt she wanted as I turned around to ask the first people I saw if they would snap a photo. I was a little embarrassed for myself when I didn't even think that they might not speak English. The little girl on the mans shoulders looked as if I was holding out a gun then after some words with the man, obliged. Cathy is still trying to convince her mom to wait till she gets back so she can pick out her own bedskirt.

Me and Cathy Fireworks

Gift shop At Disney
Here's a shirt Cathy designed in Epcot gift shop!

The positive thoughts in my mind
I bet no one's thought of this before. Just can't put a lasso on creativity.

Not even expecting it!
HELLO LADIEEEEES Do you just love my blue pants!?
I LOVED this so MUCH. It made me giggle like mad. Why am I all futuristic and the girl at the table just jumped out of Grease?

The next day we had meetings with the buyers who were all very wonderful! The Merch offices are right behind The Animal Kingdom. You can see the coaster "Everest Challenge" from the parking lot.


Aesthetically everything was comfortable in the Merch Offices. I noticed lots of curved edges one of the basics of Feng Shui. Here is the Lobby.

Disney Merchandising offices

Mickey has some really good taste in chairs. Minnie probably hates them though.

Sign in Disney Offices
I like this.

Thank you  MAGIC MICKEY!
The ladies in the office were nice enough to let me take a pic with the magic mouse! Isn't he cute?

We stayed right in the park at a Disney Hotel and there were two things that I noticed during our stay. Well, if you count the bathroom being a thousand times better than mine, more than a two.

Disney thing to do:
One: Groups of people dress the same.

Two: After Midnight, the teenagers come out like worms after a rain to make out by the fountains, pools and bushes. They smoke cigaretts and drink shots of Patrone and Jack Daniels under the giant maracas.

The third day was the last day of our stay so we went around taking photos of the resorts for art and other references. Mr. TD had some running around to do so he would meet up with us later, he's the ultimate DW tour guide- he zips all over those parking lots, gets park to park in eleven minutes my friends. Cath and I first went to the Grand Floridian. I really loved the feel of that resort! I'm so intrigued by that period of time. We then we took the boat (which I didn't want to get off) over to The Wilderness Lodge.

Me Cathy in Disney
Cathy and I on the boat to the Wilderness Lodge.

Looking around the pool area I said to Cathy "Vegas really is like Disney World for grown ups." Everything is HUGE. HUGE. I'm totally inspired by the design that goes into these properties.

Do you know there are hidden Mickeys all over the park? I went outside and spotted this one but I'm not sure if it counts. I'll have to check out the book.

Hidden Mickey

Cathy was getting her caricature done and while she was sitting there I got a call from Mr. TD, he said he was in the building and can see Cathy. When she was finished she met me outside "Where's Mr. TD?" she asked.
"uh, I thought he was inside, he said that he saw you?" So Cath and I started our search all around the Wilderness Lodge for Mr. TD. Then I remembered that he said "OH! Are you by the game room?" I thought he was trying to pin-point my whereabouts but forgotten that he is really familiar with this place. I opened the door to the game room and:
Where's ROb??????
Mr. TD is so cool.

There are other various moments that I would like to write about but I think they belong in a separate post. I'm so glad to have the experience of these meetings and seeing Disney again now that I'm older. I was smiling constantly. It was a very successful trip and I even conquered fears. GREAT GREAT fears. I went into Outer Space and visited the twilight zone....but almost NOT.

self photo shoot in the parking lot

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  1. The Tower Of Terror is one of my top favorite attractions. Once, while we were on it, it broke down. We sat in the dark for almost 20 minutes. Then we heard noises and they pulled our elevator by hand and we exited through the back. We got to see the behind the scenes of the ride. I whipped out my camera but a security guard immediately told me to put it away. No photo's behind the scene. Anyway, the Tower is cool.


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