Wednesday, July 02, 2008

picked up the lunge whip with such fury

Krissy and Everest.

I have an OLD camera. OLD. OLD. But it's a Nikon and its still good! I shot my friend Krissy today and her HUGE "pony", Everest. They are jumping 3'6 and the coop makes her poop. It was fun. I really love this shot. Of all the shots ever, even the ones that end in -quila. It looks like a painting to me and I think it really captures Krissy well. She's beautiful & happy on her horsie!...

...unlike ME today. Who is just really confused why my horse is being so BAD! I went through a mild breakdown when I texted Leggs "I DUCKIN HATE MY DUCKIN HORSE!!!!" from on top of his non-trotting-refusal-to-do-anything back. I guess you'll have these days. Tomorrow I begin to ride with a whip.

oh, and b.t.w. I got off of him to lunge his silly ass and I picked up the lunge whip with such fury that the end came back and hit me in the face. (go on. laugh)

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