Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our average night at the WH

You want some after bar hysterics? Go to ANY WH at 3AM. I found these pics on my phone and I'm not even sure if its from the same time or not.

Normality at the WH
They were getting married. I think just for that night. They were kind of insistent that someone get up and smack them on the ass while they make out, so someone did and damn near the funniest thing I ever did see. They were awesome.

Normality at the WH

This was a funny one. The boy that was screaming "S A T A N !! 6 6 6" loudly over his scattered smothered finally offended this other man and a confrontation almost began before the girls intervened (it's always the girls) saying: "He just lost his job, he's reahhhhhly drunk, don't mind him."

The boy ended up throwing himself against the plate glass windows of the Waffle House from outside screaming "I LOVE SATAN!!!D E V I L!! 666!!!" like a comic. Antagonizing the man inside with his girl who was shouting back bible verse and getting hot. It was so funny by the time I was done laughing all I could capture of it was the girls talking to the COPS....

I didn't get any pics of the guy with arm-chaps on though. Dang.

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