Saturday, July 26, 2008

Personal Accomplishments: Little Black Dress Pile

I just ate a whole container of Cherry Garcia while sitting in front of my computer reading blogs and listening to an 80's radio show. I didn't eat all of the servings in one sitting, but in a stretch of 4 hours. I had some as dessert after eating the other half of my sub from earlier...I just couldn't bear to sit here knowing that the rest of the container is in my freezer. It wasn't a "my hair is so frizzy" craving (although it is) It was a "I WALKED OUT WITHOUT" craving. I walked out of Dillard's last week without these & weeping:

Guess on sale.
Guess Wedges on sale for $60 from $120. Very resplendent.

I didn't buy them and I really can't even think of a good reason why except that $60 might be my gas money to go see my horse.

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