Friday, July 11, 2008

My experience as a horse owner has changed drastically for me in the last few weeks. As I am training my horse I've begun to realize that he will inevitably manifest my short comings. the whole paradox has changed. It has been put to me as one of the most important accomplishments I can ever achieve.

I am more proud of myself for how my horse is turning out than the day I got a college degree, and everyday- even the bad days are totally worth every second.

Dusty has been doing really well. I have been making better decisions for him and me. I am concentrating on staying out of the grey area.

I was lunging him and when I strayed my attention to getting the poles out he took advantage of it and I ended up loosing him before I even got on. It was totally my fault. As I was gathering the poles, his first sign of testing me happened and I missed the correction. The grey area led to black when I expected him to finish lunging obediently. The gate of the arena drifted open and he ran out. He never runs through an open gate. I guess it was his way of telling me what I already knew. "This has got to stop."

I convinced myself that he wouldn't remember this tomorrow but I couldn't end it like this. He was really excited when I caught him, surprisingly enough he ran toward the mare that bosses him around (he's not herd bound by ANY means). I put him in the round pen and lunged him correctly, followed by a join-up in which he followed me in circles, in trot and in halts. Good boy.

I knew getting on him would be a huge can of worms with what he did to me and instead of ending all upset, I ended telling him that I am still the boss. He was happy. And so was I. He's not at the top of the herd so it makes sense to me that he looks to me to be concise and at this point be the leader- at all times. I guess it makes him feel secure.

He was very good today for me in my lesson. Forward. He kicked out a few times when I asked him for more bend to the right, but he's in a "testy" stage and I understand that. I didn't even pay any attention to it and kept my leg on. He says OK quickly. I did some transitions and some figure eights and his trot turned to fabulous. After the kick outs I got bend, cantered just a little and got off.

He had a nice warm shower because I remembered to turn the hot water on beforehand! ...I think I'm spoiling him with the warm water showers- he HATES when the water gets even a little cold- but I make him deal.

oh, and on the ground I have been making him put his weiner away around me. To reinforce my domination of course. lol.

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