Tuesday, January 18, 2005

posting on A PC!!!

my super duper awesome always great, only thing I own I'm so protective of you'd think it was my baby, Mahcintosh G3 Blue and White- Yosemite design and blog reading machine, has taken a HUGE DROP on me. It started dinging with the excitement that I can only interpret as the excitement one tribemate feels just as the other tribemates have voted them as being the final survivor. It was orgasming. My computer was chiming like what a woman hears in her head the first time she reaches orgasm- ever. (well, I guess I can say that for a man too?). My computer totally crashed.

I'm not even sure if I love the Jetta as much. Hell, It likes the "check engine" light more than it likes me. Oh shit, I toootally should NOT have said that.
My brother, Steve brought his laptop over here so that I may use it (which was extremely gracious of him) and instead of having it hooked up to my DSL line stationary in my computer room, I have it on my coffee table attached to the phone cord. ~My phone cord is approximately as long as Napeleon's when he goes outside to call Pedro. Which is cool, because what's better than blogs in unison with "Wife Swap" or "Extreme Makeover Home Edition"??

I am having a bitch of a time with this "insert cursor" thing. On my machine, you can just put the cursor wherever you want, and continue to type. However, on this PC it's just safer if you utilize the arrow keys to maneuver that sucker around.

and you know what else? not much. damn me to hell, but not much else is different. WHOA now, I'm talking about using the internet...not graphics.
One I got used to where the keys are on the laptop, I'm typing away. The buttons make cool little clicky sounds as I type. Makes me imagine being in the airport and typing away as others stare into space or the latest US Weekly (winkwink).

Alight- it's doing that really retarded thing again!! How am I supposed to write when I can't insert and correct my writing?! Good thing the utility program I need, AND extra RAM to fix my machine are on their way to my house, probably right. NOW.

I mean. what I'm trying to say is. that when there is no natural peanut butter making machine around, Jiff is good, Jiff does the trick, gets the job done. I'm thankful for Jiff. BUT really, the peanut butter that comes out of the machine with all the peanuts on top, the *healthy* peanut butter? THAT'S the way to ride.

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