Friday, January 28, 2005


Having no children, I rarely (ha! more like NEVER?) get to partake the joy that others feel when their child experiences something for the first time.
I was overcome with excitement of just that sort the other day when I took my dog into my friends dairy barn.

As the big barn door swung open, my mutchie was almost foaming at the mouth with emotions I had never seen any dog exhibit. his legs were running in place, his ears were perked up like, three times their normal size and I thought he was gonna blow up like a punching balloon if he didn't EXHALE. As soon as he realized he was in a world much different than his, he let out a "arrUuOOOOF?" just like scooby doo would! halarious.

The funniest was watching him as he would stretch to get his nose as close as he could to their buttholes, then he would turn around and look at me like, "HEY! HEY! HEEEEYYY!doyouseethis?!"

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