Monday, January 10, 2005

ego trip

People of the internet, people of America.
You might see this billboard in your state...I did it.

I love it when my friends in different states tell me they saw it on the freeway. if you have spotted it, please let me know, and from what state!


  1. That's a really cool phantom/logo/picture. I've seen that before on billboards. Did you design it too??

  2. I guess you are referring to the actual "phantom" drawing...I didn't draw that. ~nobody knows who drew it (at least none of us artists knew). I heard it was "some guy".
    And that "some guy" might have alot of money coming to him if he knows about it, because I think he was comissioned to do ONE illustration, without knowing that it would become the logo icon of the business. It is on everything. It's even the Hockey teams logo.
    I might be all wrong too. I really don't know anything. maybe they did get paid for it(?)


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