Monday, January 10, 2005

grow your business, and change the bulbs.

Here is an ad from the 2004-05 Youngstown OH Yellow Pages for a restaurant called "C Staples"

This one HALF page ad made me laugh for about three months now, because I KNOW about C Staples restaurant...and now I'm letting you all in on why I thought this to be so funny.
here it is:
Click to enlarge

(assuming you just looked at the full size photo of the "worthy-of -HALF PAGE IN THE PHONEBOOK" eatery.)
Hopefully, the first thing you noticed was the security system. and then the aesthetics.

The last time I was here, years & years ago, it was about 4:30am and some friends and I were out looking for a bite to eat. First of all, I was told to "STAY IN THE CAR!" and second, we went there thinking "OOH!GOOD BBQ!"(which is what every college kid is looking for at 4:30am) but I SWEAR to this day that was NOT. CHICKEN.
noOot. chicken.

*I have relied upon the phone book in alot of different states looking for a reatraunt to go eat at, and BBQ always sounds good to me. Just goes to show what advertising can do for you.

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