Monday, March 29, 2010

The Hobbitty: Bathroom Situa.

My apartment or, as we all know it- "The Hobbitty". Short for "the Hobbitty Hole".  That is a term of endearment. I took this pic the first time I saw the place.

fla living-hall
The bathroom sink in the Hobbitty is not in the bathroom. It is in between the kitchen and the little catch-all room. With good accessibility to the fire extinguisher.
That big box to the right of the sink is the rest of the bathroom. Yes, right there in that box no bigger than a porta-potty is a tolit AND a shower.

I don't live in NYC. This kind of stuff only happens in New York City right?
Nope. A cool little neighborhood called East Hill in Pensacola. The bayou is blocks away, very quaint and friendly place with parks. There are half a million dollar houses only blocks away, closer to the bayou but the charming part about East Hill are the duplexes, cottages-out-back and above-the-garage spreads. All of which have a bit of character. Instead of a secret trap door from the living room to the bedroom I got a bathroom sink in a really. Odd. Place.

And still, after 3ish years that's the most positive thing I have to say about the bathroom sink being in the the hallway.
But it makes for great jokes.
"This hotel room is not so great. The shower has low water pressure."
"Didn't you see the SINK in the bathroom?? This place is awesome!"

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