Tuesday, October 16, 2007

see a man about a horse

I haven't been able to ride Dusty because he, was run down by an Arabian. It was a definite sniper attack. Good boy Dusty (his name IS Dusty HALO) was just grazing and this crazy Arabian comes over to kick some ass.

Instead of kicking the shit out of "Sir Fox" and then running the other way, my horse ran into the fence. He stepped into the fence and wires broke. He then fell and rolled on top the wires and so his back looks like a bear scratched him.

Dusty cuts

He got a pretty good size cut on his leg and and was taken to the vet right away To get looked at. The vet stitched him up and he's doing great.

dusty stitches

I'm taking care of the cuts and the super woman is taking care of the bandaging. She rules. She was wrapping his leg and i was looking really good. The vet (whom I respect greatly, and he's really cute) wrapped it on Friday and did something with a little shiny nail file looking thing so that now it's draining and all pussy and ICH. We're (she's) going to change the bandages twice a day now. I'm going to call and ask what the heck happened with that little shiny thing...

dusty with stitches
Dusty 10/11/07

The vet said that he looks like a different horse, since he saw him at my pre- purchase exam. He has gained weight and is looking really good. It's nice when a person that sees horses all long says "He's a keeper."

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