Sunday, September 23, 2007

He made me do it.

It took the horse. It took me wanting and needing to go see my horse to cut the air bags out of the dash and the steering wheel of my car and DRIVE it to the barn. Wrecked. Hello? I have officially entered the horse-crazy-white-trash stage of my life. No, seriously. There is a flagpole in my front yard and everyone says "OH! is that the place with the rebel flag in front?". Its not there now but I'm here to tell you it was an omen. But I'm not worried, NOOOooooOOO, because my dad said it's "the best decision I've made in the last 6 months." (to just go ahead and drive it already)...

I cut the airbags out

I guess that means I have to drive it to work too- in morning rush hour traffic. Wrecked.
I have a court date so that I can go defend my traffic record honor. The cop wrote in the full report that I hit the girl in front of me first. She isn't saying that. Neither is anyone in my car. I'm probably going to get in some kind of trouble for the insurance issue, and something tells me it will be in the form of a large fine. In which I will choose be-heading.

The car that I was driving, the 1985 toyota celica? Well. It broke down. I was again without a car, my boss has been picking me up for work. Um, I need to re-phrase that. My boss has been going completely out of his way to pick me up for work in the morning, and drop me off after. Yes, I am very grateful. It's cool, he's got a jeep. It's funny to watch him wave to other jeep-ers. He reaaaally doesn't want to.

I've made some really great friends down here and that makes me happy. I've had so much FUN this summer.  Some of those nights I will never forget...
-Sitting at the car races eating fresh boiled peanuts as the dust flies everywhere, watching the same person win every week. That was alright though because that person is my friend's husband. 
I never did win a styro-foam plate full of shaved ice in half-time ticket call. I did sneak in a 20oz. of Heinekin once (it's a dry county) I mean c'mon. we ARE IN ALABAMA. AT the CAR RACES. I snuck it into a large fountain drink cup, the look on A's daughter's face when she took a sip was pretty funny.

-the night Bryon rolled up to me at the beach bar all sly, b'out 4'6 with his unbuttoned shirt like pimp Bart Simpson..."Hay Baby. My name's BRY-ON what's yours?" I had to get to the bottom of this, and I did.
This dude just decided to start spelling his name B R Y O N instead of Brian. Awh how cute.

- "splits" the gymnast. Splits's nickname was well deserved because he would at any time in the middle of the whole bar DO. A . SPLIT. I shit you not. Totally on the juice. His friend showed up out of nowhere, introduced himself, gave us girls his business card that said "something something USED CARS" and disappeared. I have a feeling he went straight to the *bathroom.

- The night dancing with "the puppy". There are other "puppies", but this is the Original. That was a great one. There were people just standing there watching as we jumped around to the bands rendition of Motley's Crue's "Girls, Girls, Girls". They came up to us and told us "you guys are great!"when the band stopped - can you believe that?. What we were was happy, on the beach and drunk! The puppy likes Techno and he likes to dance. I LOVED it. It was sweaty, it was full of energy (and MARGARITAS!) and it was a FUN night.

-The night of  Leggs's birthday party...In the middle of the Violent Femmes song I  turned around to see her surrounded by more than a few suitors. All at the same time. Damn that white skirt..."oh, hey "bb", hey "pants", hey "green feeet" and HELLLLO sprt-zah.!" 

-So we went swimming in the hotel's pool after the bar closed. So we were laughing. Ok, so maybe I was the one giggling up a spell as the security guard came out and told us we had to leave. He said that he would have let us swim longer but they were getting calls. 
"So you have been watching us swim for the last hour?"
"Yep. There are security cameras all over the place."
"SHIT. If I'da known that we would have been getting naked, prolly could've swam for a little while more eh?"

I was getting a little worried at first, being down here alone and all but it's turned out great. I love my job and i'm having some fun too. I have friends that are there for me when I'm in need. And no matter how hot it gets, how tough it is, how long it's been since I had food, as wrecked as my car is, I would STILL not want to be in Ohio specifically Youngstown.

What the hell are we going to do in the winter? oh, and
I just got invited to join a Mardi-Gras crewe!

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