Sunday, September 23, 2007

The thing that keeps me

Ok, it's been about a month. Look at how much better he looks!
the rice bran is working!
Dusty Halo. He's back, and pretty skinny

Its been about a month.
I think that when I start showing him his show name will be Dutiful Dusty Dancer. I like that.
He's eating treats now. The other day Ashley walked up to him with a carrot and he bit into it- he wanted nothing to do with carrots before. He likes Fla-va-Ice, and Gatoraid which is good because so do I.

I have been riding him mostly every day, a steady schedule of four to five times a week in a full cheek snaffle soon to be replaced by a eggbut snaffle. I rode him in a loose ring the other day and he was noticably softer in the mouth. I liked it. I'm just starting to put him into light "frame" to teach him that his ass has the power of a jet rocket. If he uses it while arching his back, thus making his front end light and elegant he will be very proud of himself, and very strong.

He is very willing under the saddle. He is immediately responsive to any aid applied, and tries to figure it out swiftly. He says no once and doesn't buck, kick out, or run away when he's corrected. I'm not riding with a whip and I don't plan to until he's starts more advanced training. He isn't crazy if he hasn't been ridden and he likes to work (one thing I am very cautious to sustain).

He's doing very well if you ask me. We ride in a beautiful OPEN field that I was VERY afraid of -and he's no threat. No threat to YOU-KNOW-WHAT...

The cabinet shop is behind the field and there are saws, air guns and compressors being used while we are riding. He's absolutely wonderful. Pretty non spook as far as I've know him. The horses are turned out in the pasture right next to us and he doesn't even mind. He just keeps his ears back and focused on me. He's teaching me that I can trust him.

I feel that I made a very good decision with this horse. Although he's 40 minutes away, he's helping me IMMENSELY. He's helping me live my life. He's a gentle soul, I feel that he is also learning to trust me. When I put him out into the pasture after riding I lead him in, turn him around to face me and I take off his halter. As of lately, he just stands there. Like he doesn't want me to leave. I think he likes me too. I am more attached to this horse than any that I've been attached to. We're getting along famously. The one thing that keeps me.

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