Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ok, so I mentioned that I am unable to ride Dusty right now. I don't want to go a month without riding so I scheduled myself a lesson with the French Man...the whole time while tacking up, PRaying, HOPing that my lesson would be with his top trainer...It wasn't.

I rode a smaller horse that used to be owned by one of the advanced girls. When I asked what this mare was like they all said "she's fun!" I didn't know if that meant fun? like, "oh if you can stay on you'll be lucky, fun." or just "fun."

I made a breakthrough while riding, that's the exciting part.

I was riding this finished horse like it was a young horse, like I would ride Dusty. I needed to really USE that outside rein. I was opening it up thinking she would move into it. WRONG.
It took me about sixteen times around the arena cutting the corners to figure it out.

I think on the seventh cut corner the FM said:
"eeeeYYYYe EM NOT "ERe for ze' teacHINGZ of ZE stuDENtz in da SPECHeeeiiiL LEAhRN inGGGs."

It had gone just as I had anticipated. Fabulously. FM kicked my ass again. I scheduled another lesson for this week. Maybe two.

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