Sunday, March 18, 2007

mister twister

I MISS TWISTER. I miss the barn. I miss my hour of grooming before I ride and combing a solid gallon of Cowboy Magic in his great tail and mane. I miss feeding all the horses. I'm missing that green rake and helping John out around the property. I even miss cleaning stalls. I miss being a part of something that I've always wanted to be a part of, a GREAT barn with great horses and great people.

I have been riding twice since I've been here. I went to the place where I worked and rode last time I lived here, a Dressage place outside Pensacola. It's pretty nice there, I got to ride in a deep seat Dressage saddle!

The point in which I realized that I missed that part of my life was when I arrived for my lesson, the horse was saddled for me and I was handed the bridle...because that's what you do with people that show up once a week to take a lesson in jeans and tennis shoes.

I HAVE to find a place to be a horsegirl around here!

I MISS TWISTER! He loves me so much he won't even let anyone spray him but me. haha.

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