Wednesday, March 21, 2007

game is way too simple

A leftover lover that can't control his intake for the good spirits and did nothing but treat her in such as way that she didn't so much as utter his name in the places he frequented. After two years and he still tries to keep his dirty little secret(s).

She was careful to know that the accusations were true and with just a little bit of time, she found out. About everything. Well, almost everything. You know how she knows? He's silent. The only time he shut his mouth of all the lies and moral code of don't-ask-don't-tell he abides by was when he knew he was fucked. Like that criminal that still refuses to admit any guilt standing as defense with hardcore DNA as proof. He would be one of them. Sadly enough he has trained himself to act in such a destructive way even though she thought he was much better than that. I think the reason he won't even admit it with all kinds of proof is only because deep down he knows it's not normal.
What can you do with those kind of people?

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  1. "What can you do with those kind of people?" Having been in that situation myself, I wonder to whom you are referring. That guy, or the women who want to believe in that guy?


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