Saturday, March 24, 2007

saturday is beach day!

I'm really glad because it's starting to really warm up down here. The air is in transitioning from the spring with chilly undertones to the moist night air of the south. Some call it humidity, I call it heaven.

I was at Orange Beach last weekend and it was a little chilly. I still have that Ohio winter in my blood I guess. I remember moving form here back to there in October. That winter was the COLDEST I have ever felt. BONECHILLING. I'm happy to tell all of you that I haven't been experiencing that total body cramp when I walk outside, my teeth no longer feel like they're going to crack into tiny pieces and I no longer have to put my fingers under the faucet to get them warm. Sweet.

Today I woke up and went to meet Ashley and her SWWEEET daughter Bristol at Pensacola Beach.
Pensacola Beach
Ashley is a girl that I worked with every morning, at the Dressage Farm -oops, Academy (I consider it to be the place where I learned how to ride, sorta...except for when I was scared.)

Her and I cleaned out stalls and did all that goodstuff. She's a southern girl with the softness and patience of the "stero-typical southern belle", however that she is not. She's the toughest girl I with the most sense I ever met. She made me think Wranglers are cool. I saw a HUGE (young) draft cross turn around and kick her square in the chest. She dropped to her knees. STILL holding the horse... I wanted to run over to her. I couldn't do anything with two horses in my hands and I could have sworn he just at LEAST made her next step be: being rushed to the hospital. She got up, brushed her knees off and said "I'm fine." (!?!?) To me that says a lot more than just the words, "I'm fine". She could've said "I'm awesome." She's got two beautiful little kids now and her husband, Michael built her a great barn on this great property, with this great house. I will keep my horse there. There will be a covered arena and lights too. Except we will probably fight over who gets to clean stalls.

It's so cute to me when little kids want to be naked on the beach. Is it cool to the public? Hell, I'd say "hey whatever". I mean little kids, like two years old. That's not old enough for sex offending child molesters is it?

I laid there for a little while longer, that's when I saw the dude totally from LOST.
Pensacola Beach
that's him, in the middle

I got the urge to go over to the vacation-ie everything for you with PENSACOLA BEACH silk-screened-onto-it store. They have bathing suits too. After driving around the parking lot six times I went BACK to the parking lot of the public beach so that I could walk across the street to the store.

It took me 15 minutes to get across the street and then I had to drive around THAT parking lot for another 20 until I found a place. I was thinking that Flounders (read about that situation here) was having a shift change in about a half an hour so I tried to hover around those spots. Now I'm laughing out loud at my computer.

Pensacola Beach crowded...

I didn't go into the water because the surfers had wet suits on. Still too cold for me. I thought that I had covered all of my body with the sunscreen but I guess I missed the middle of my back and the top of my legs. Crazy that you can see the outline of the fingers where the sunscreen ended. It's kinda burnie and itchy right now. I used to have a HUGE aloe plant, it was used often by visitors. It's the best thing for sunburn, I mean why would you put some chemical filled aloe lotion on when you can go right to the source? Aloe stems 2 inches wide, just crack it open and RUB. NO BURNING after about a minute, I SWEAR.

slubbin on the beach


  1. Glad you found a nice place. I finally found your blog. If you need an aloe, I have some. My #'s on your cell from back in March.

  2. what? backin mARCh? you know how many calls I've made since march? C who?? LOVE some aloe.

  3. I'll be listening to Goodfoote this weekend. Email me at loligo42 at for details. I'll throw a plant in the car and bring it down. I have the perfect aloe for you to grow up. (We met at the airport at the counter, and again at that scary corner downtown!)


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