Sunday, March 18, 2007

by means of "The Secret"

Well. I'm here. I officially live back in Florida before my Florida Drivers license expires (next year).

I LOVE my new job it has led me to the suma cum laude of Wacom tablet usage and the need for a VERY LARGE tablet instead of the little one. The difference between driving my sweet little Jetta and cruising down the road in my parents Cadillac (providing that the mouse is the ford taurus or something). You can do the same things, but much smoother.

My Wacom tablet has a SPRING LOADED tip! and they make FELT TIPS TOO!! really. I HAVE some. O.M.G. IT HAS CHANGED my LIFE as a computer artist. I did all the black lines on an illustration in under an hour just by drawing it right over the scanned illustration no stroking no holding the shift key for accuracy. HEAVEN.

I am in a larger than usual cubicle. Computer on one side badass drawing table on the other. Windows directly to my left. Oh, and how could I forget? The beach seven minutes from my house.

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