Thursday, September 28, 2006

 riding twister earlier today

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  1. Dear Christine

    In response to your comments about Seville Diner or any other establishment; you are a frightful joke. There have been many nights that I've sat at Seville and had nothing but a cup of hot coffee and I got top of the line service my entire stay. If indeed you are a graphic designer it surely does not show in you rendition of what you drew for desert. It's obvious to anyone that you drew two different deserts but you yourself can't tell which one is not like the other one; either you walked in with destruction on your tiny little screwed up, lonely, pathetic, self-important, 45 year old looking, whey-faced, need to get a man badly and stop screwing your dog attitude and really give credit where credit is due not based on the way you think things ought to be. I'm a realist in some retrospect and the things that you said about this diner is a total lie. Oh yes, my dear you are entitled to your opinion but please come back into the light and let reality caress your empty shell of a life. Before berating an establishment you need to get your facts in order and on point. Nothing you described was accurate. As a matter of fact the only thing you did was take good pictures which did back up your description of its cleanliness; but all that other BS is bogus and you are a pasty face wanna be food critic who need to stick to their day job.



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