Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mutchie meets a puppy!

Mutchie  meets the PUPPIES!
The two dogs in the photos of this post...the small ones, duh. Abbie and Pico. Remember I said "They're mad, rebellious, and getting horney."? Well, they did it. they did it alot. Abbie had nine puppies. I went over to my parents house see them, and take some photos. I took a puppy outside where Mutch has to stay because lil 15lb. Pico will try and give Mutch the business.
How cute it was. Mutch did his usual; sniff. sniff. ya, whatever.

Puppies are available. 1/4 Lhapso Apso and 3/4 Bishon. If you can spell those names you get a discount.

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