Sunday, May 23, 2010


I know it's been a long time. I'm sorry that I have let down all 9 of my followers. I'm glad I have 9. I'm Surprised that I have 9. I mean really- Nine followers in what owhhh, SEVEN YEARS of writing a bunch of nothingness and a horse? So, thank you nine followers for being interested enough in this little thing I have going on to step up. I'm not even being sarcastic. I think its really cool.

See, I understand. This blog has no point. As if that isn't bad enough, It does not have contests in which you receive prizes like iPads, Nikon Cameras or Espresso Machines. I read these big time fancy blogs that have been around since I first started and now they are going on the national Morning Show to be interviewed live on television, they're getting to go to Amsterdam, they're meeting OPRAH. They pretty much all resemble each other. Abiet wonky, they're happy intelligent people enjoying their lives and families. And getting paid to tell about it. Because, unlike me, they have a POINT.

So I guess that I can do something to change that. That's if I decide that I want to be interviewed by the CBS morning show. That's really EARLY.
I guess the whole "mommy" blog thing has been done, and I don't have any kids so clearly, that won't work out. And so has the whole "child-free by choice" thing. I could probably slip into there but I'm not sure I can whole heartedly take the pledge. I've been to "glamourous and single" choice also. Although I am both of those things, I spend way more time in my Ariat's than my Jessica Simpson's. I couldn't help but to feel a bit in over my head announcing in my latest post that I wore my Citizen jeans to ride in and not only do they fit better, they now have poo all over them.
So what do I represent?

What is the POINT?

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  1. Riding your horse naked is a niche I see you filling. :D


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