Monday, May 24, 2010

I am so going to cosplay Kate at the next Con

YES! I am a HUGE fan of the show LOST and after watching the final I went into the message boards to see what everyone was saying. Btw, I loved it.

In the message boards over at USA Today "layfieldster" says: "More proof that the Sideways was some sort of purgatory is when Kate told Jack "I have missed you." In saying this, we are told that Kate went on to live the rest of her life and never see Jack again since he died as soon as they left the island. "

This hit me especially hard and I started sobbing.
If this could be true...
People often say that I remind them of Kate and or they associate me with Evangeline Lilly. That's not really what I think is freaky. What is freaky is the parallel that if thus were true, I have a chance to say the same exact thing that Kate told Jack to my own Jack.
He must be living on the island. He's one of the others not ready to remember and move on. He's in the flash sideways waiting for me. he's hanging out with Ben or Hurley.

...and then I was thinking about Matthew Fox. He used to be on a show that I watched and loved called "Party of Five" The one distinct thing I remember about that show is the episode that the family got together to have an intervention for the middle brother, Bailey who had a problem with alcohol. I was sitting on my  mod sofa with bright fushia flowers all over it in my old mansion apartment on the North side of Youngstown watching that episode and it hit me. All of the sudden I realized (like the Losties memories in the flash sideways.)
I was unaware up until that point that "my Jack" was an alcoholic.
I had seen the things Bailey (very well played by Scott Wolf) was doing and the reasons the intervention was planned. He treated me exactly like that.  I sat on my couch alone and cried for hours.

degrees-of-seperation-of-slub and I resemble Evangeline Lilly and Kate. The same actor starred in both television shows that touched one area of my life greatly. I can only hope one day that I will be able to find him, look at him with the same emotional compassion and understanding as Kate did Jack, and say "I have missed you." and walk into the light. Together. I wish I could touch on how emotional this is for me.

My Jack

Furthermore with the final show and the message boards, thank you Jalen_Lost for posting this in the abc forum
"It is NOT about any particular religion but near the end, at the church, you can see the symbols of the main religions - the moon & star of Islam, the yin-yang symbol of Taoism, the wagon-wheel looking symbol of Buddhism, the jewish star, the symbol of Om, the holiest of Hindu mantras, and of course, the Christian cross.
It doesn't matter what religion you believe in, in the end -- we all get to the same place..."

There are a lot of opinions on the message boards and also a bunch of whining. I think that Christian Shepherd standing in front of the window representing all religions was a major point of the ending.  Thanks Jalen for stating my exact thoughts so well. What a poignant ending to a kick ass show.


  1. It's OK, you can let go now!

    Huge lost fan as well.

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