Saturday, March 15, 2008

my jodpur boots 04

Well hello there old jodhpur boots that I still wear. I am sorry but I have to wear you until you can no longer function on your own. Not because I am so mean but because, you see, when I bought you, you weren't wanted by the whole family. The rest of the family thought the money would be better spent on some tuna casserole.

I snuck to the tackstore. I remember you sitting there, all stiff and shiny and your new laces, MY! how they really made you stand out! I know that there were more beautiful and more expensive choices, but boots- you were the apple of my eye. You and I would make quite a scene out in the arenas.

I took you home with me and I was a little timid at first to introduce you to the family but I was so excited that I swore you would do me right until the end. And you have have.

Except there will be no end. Not with us. We've gone to far. I will continue to re tie your laces onto themselves every time they snap and pull down the bunched up mass from the stripped part. Skipping the lace holes that have ripped through, we will walk across the grass and have soaking wet feet from the gaping holes before we even go riding. Your leather can peel all it wants and you'll always come through with another layer of protective fibers. Thats why I love you, jodhpur boots.

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