Tuesday, November 06, 2007

how would that work?

what is Moveable Type? what exactly is the general idea? What if I wanted to put my blog on it's own site and had it managed by Movable Type software? How would that work?


  1. Christine, if you are looking to change blog formats, may I make a suggestion?
    I have been using Blogger since 2003, and had about 10 other services in between.
    Last month I joined Wordpress.com and found it to be very reliable, fast, easy as hell to use, and to transfer old posts, and the community is very nice.
    I'm at LOTGK

    And of course it is free.

  2. Christine, yes, first of all, the haunted school house and laboratory are exactly like you remember. It hasn't changed in at least 20 years which was a little disappointing.

    Liz Hurley, lead role in Bedazzled, played the devil, sexy as hell red bikini.

    About Blogger. I have nothing against blogger technically. It has been a rock solid and stable service for many years. I have been there since 2003. But, it has no sense of community. There are literally millions of blogs published but no real semblance of community. I like Wordpress for th design, ease of use, and the information it provides.

    Modblog was a great community but a lousy service. Tis a shame it went under.

    I also had my own free standing website, which was a blog. It is still up and running at http://www.lotgk.com but it is a hell of a lot of work to maintain. Wordpress does it all for me.

    Besides the cold, which is 35 degrees right now, actually on my way to Gatlinburg, Tennessee tomorrow for a trade show for 7 fun filled days of investigating several conspiracy theories brewing down there.

    Hope the weather holds.
    Thanks for commenting.


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