Wednesday, November 28, 2007

DUSssss tiiiiiiiieeeeeee thethoroughBREd.

-Title is to be sung to the tune of "frosty the snowman".

Dusty has been doing this weird thing with his head. Twisting it almost all the way over to the outside while trotting. And he's not stopping. I couldn't tell what it was. His teeth are fine.
I realize that his back is sore, he's in essence just started lifting weights again.

Tonight I was a bit more assertive with him in the way I wanted him to move. I pretty much made him go into a frame- lift his back and use his skinny little ass. It's pretty aggressive riding in this stage of the game. I have to conceal/over-ride the fact that he is stronger than I. I will get more gentle with my hands as we go, as he "gives" more readily. One of my goals is to train him to have a soft mouth. I had to ask, "So I SHOULD be on his mouth like a school horse?"

He didn't twist his head one time, and every time he went "right" for me, he did one of those horsie PHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRFFFF things out of his nose. That means he's relaxing his back. It's a good response. He's not strong enough to hold it for long, but he's getting it.

I kinda think that I want to get certified in Equine Massage. I'm going to have one come out to work on Dusty because of his back, and the injury. Now I'm interested.

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