Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a google of typo's

I was just reading through some of my old posts and I'll admit there are more than a FEW should-be-capitalized-words, misuse of transitive verbs and mis-spellings. I was going to sign on and correct them, but like I said, there are so many that I just resolve to get over that. Reading incorrect grammar and spelling is as great as eating a soup sandwich. I'm sorry.

But I was cracking myself up. Because I'm so funny. Here's some stuff that made me laugh out loud, maybe you will too. This writing stuff is kinda fun sometimes.

"I said: 'look, man, whatever your selling, whoever you're kidnapping, I don't want any part of it. TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST."

"You all that live where there is no snow would be surprised how many things like, plant stands, chair backs, and windchimes come in handy as snow excavating tools!"

"Pico is a circus attraction, by the way he likes to lift his leg I'm sure he'd be great at lifting both of them for money on top of a big ball with lights"

"I am now an Equine Resident Sanitation Specialist (Specialist, instead of Technician)
OBJECTIVE: Achieve Body Enhancement Through Exertion At An Equine Residence."

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