Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'll usually hurt myself at some point.

I went on a wonderful canoe trip on the Allegheny River this weekend, it was a 15 mile trip canoeing about 5 miles the first day and stopping to camp for the night on an island (an island because there are BEARS- although it was soon realized the bears can actually walk across seven inch deep water to our island of safety). I listened in the tent with Mutch close by, as thunderstorms rolled through the Allegheny Valley throughout the night. It was heaven.

I had a great time and I was so happy to be there I actually drank a beer (or two) which I don't usually do. I'm just not a beer drinker. But anyway, I had to pee so bad and as soon as we got to a shallow spot with little threat of tip-over, I jumped out. As I took my first step I said to my friend: "so? can you see where it starts to get deeper?"
Even though I had on my velcro strappy sandals with superior traction, I busted my ass as soon as I let go of the canoe. I must've fell onto the biggest, pointiest rock on that side of the river. It hurt so bad it didn't hurt.
My friend replied: "I guess that's your answer."

Look at what a nice bruise I's actually contoured to the shape of that boulder. yes. it hurts.

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