Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Homeade tattoo's and a summer day.

I got home from work the other day and the neighbor boys were running around playing in the yard. They seem to like playing around my house and in my driveway, which I don't mind at all...infact I will usually go out and play some ball with them. Because my front yard doesn't have any trees or major landscaping, it makes for some very functional kickball. But they have to be other neighbor is elderly and will send her daughter out to shoo the kids out of the driveway even.

I was running around with Mutch in the backyard when I heard one of them say "HEY CHRISTINE! WANT A TATTOO?!" from the yard next door.
"PSHHHT WHHHEEEL YEEEEAHHH?" I hollered to them.
All three of them came over. Connor, Matthew and Michael. After all of the jumping and kicking and karate moves showing off their tattoos,Connor shows me all the colors I have to pick from. He's the artist.

"well, what shall I get a tattoo OF?" I asked.
"ummmm. How about a sailboat?, I can draw you a sailboat..oRRR.." he said.
"HM. well how about a bug."
"a bug?"
"yeah! I want a bug tattoo" I said.
"allllright. (thinks for a second) I'll give you a butterfly tattoo!"
"ALLLRIGHT! I'd LOVe a butterfly tat!"

It's a butterfly tat with legs and shoes, and it rules.

Later on, Matthew & Connor's dad (my neighbor) Mike was outside. I told him I got a tattoo and he got excited for a minute because I have been talking about getting inked. He saw it and was all: "THEY GOT YOU TOO?! where the hell did those pens come from?!"

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