Thursday, April 28, 2005

what's a blog without a 100 facts list?

Here goes mine.
1. I once got 3 traffice tickets in one 24 hour period. In two states.
2. Once I tried to jump my old 91 V8 Thunderbird over a train tressel. the wheel fell off a week later.
3. I found out that, suprisingly enough, the level of pain felt when a rusty camping hatchet lands in your foot is about a 3.
4. I own pieces of roads.
5. I can stay amazingly calm in "situations"
6. I hate being called "bud" or "bro" or even "kid".
7. My dog's name comes from a junkyard dog we teased as kids.
8. I am much lazier than I should be.
9. I make up words/phrases.
10. I think amish boys are sexy as hell.
11. my siamese cat has no sex organs and three legs.
12. I don't care about being knee-deep in horse shit.
13. I love getting dirty and muddy.
14. one of the most memorable times in my life was galloping for the first time.
15. the other is the luminesce on the beach at night.
16. I have shoplifted.
17. I've never interviewed for a job and not gotten it. (if I really wanted it)
18. I have beginner's luck.
19. I'm really good at that shootout game with the little basketballs.
20. I hate basketball.
21. I have an educated ear for music.
22. I love southern BBQ.
23. and sweet tea.
24. glitter makes me queasy
25. I'm not as girlie as I'd like to be
26. I automatically micro-analyze.
27. I'm fiercely loyal.
28. I can't tell a lie very well.
29. I hate superficiality and ego drivers
30. I look much younger than I am.
31. I fear being in water at night
more later...

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