Tuesday, April 12, 2005

from 1999.

This is a conversation I sat in on while expiermenting with a calligraphy pen. I was writing what the boy with his nose in the bag was saying. From 1999....

"So, what happend?
"No one ever thought we'd break-up. If somebody seduced me, hell yeah, I'd cheat. Dude. She was uppity. Yeah, not much to look at. I loved her though. So, I drive up to New Jersy, have you ever been so depressed? I walk in, the bed's dented. Big hickey on her neck. Ended up leaving. Er, I mean staying. Is this who I married? would jumping on the freeway be kidnapping? "
"uhh, I think so."
"I paid an extra hundred bucks to have her papers served to her in the pit at her gig. My lawyer's a satan worshipper. Do you know about the Kuma Sutra? I do want to get on target with my life and that's what I'll probably do. I can do calligraphy though. No, really, look, She loved my face. It's my complexion. Look at my face, what do you think? What are YOU writing?! write me a note, go ahead. Do you trip?"
"Sometimes, when I walk on crooked sidewalks."
"I was gettin all buff, she knew it. and I did have a girlfriend for a while, but I fucked it all up. It was nice. Tomorrow it's all over, she probably won't be there."

keep yer nose out da bag.

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