Thursday, September 02, 2010

Broken. Lame. Not Sound.

Last week I went to the Specialist at The Andrews Institute here in Gulf Breeze. Before my appointment I had the MRI done. Boy was that weird. I could feel my toes tingling as it read my flesh. 
But anyway, here is the diagnosis:
My ACL A schriveled up ACL and a torn Meniscus. The pointer is the anterior cruciate ligament.

My surgery is scheduled for the middle of September. 

LISTEN PEOPLE- It looks like I can walk FINE but actually every time I take a step with my right leg it feels like the top of my knee is going to slip off the bottom half. If I get to eager with my walking I can over bend the knee and so goes lightning bolts down the right side of my body. I can't bend it all the way. I can't react quickly and I am high alert to that. I am going to the barn the same but I'm limited to what I can do. I'm getting rather pissed off. At everything. 

I'm confident that I am in the right place as far as treatment goes. The Andrews Institute is infamous for Orthopedics and their doctors are the best. Heck, my doctor has eighty five signed posters and pictures of athletes in his office- including Charles Barkley! But really, He seems to be a very distinguished and knowledgeable Physician. I've read some of his essays online and I trust that he will get me back in the saddle as soon as possible and the operation will be a 100% success.

While I was researching facts about this injury online I came across a lot of interesting things. Like, it's quite a big deal. And when the ACL tears one major indication is that you hear a loud "pop" at time of injury. And that women athletes are more prone to this particular injury due to the angle of our hips. And that the recovery is very hard...and that you can get fat if you don't watch what you eat because it stops you from excercising everyday! I'm like a racehorse on stall rest with frustrations.

I'm broken. Lame. Not Sound.

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