Friday, June 25, 2010


As if its not bad enough already, those asshats go and spill a bunch of toxic CHEMICALS in the water to thin it out! I stood there and watched the water roll in, it BUBBLES! Tons and TONS of little bubbles popping in a very weird and eerie way.

Hey OBAMA why don't you look into MICROBES, ya jerk!
here, let me make it real easy for you:
THE EPA endorses BIOREMEDIATION, but I guess that BP hasn't gotten control of them the same way they have taken control of this whole situation, becuase HERE is the real story here on the Gulf Coast:
A friend of mine posted these things she has heard first hand....

"Today, a fisherman told me that his two best friends that have shrimp boats, contracted with BP for dead marine life disposal. They use their boats to pull in the floating carcasses. They load them onto barges that take them down to Mexico to be burned. It's for "public health reasons that they dont want them washing up on shore. REALLY?

I asked why they dont take pictures and he said they have families to worry about. What kind of scare tactics is BP using against these people!?!

A boat captain said he saw crews being instructed to burn oil areas where large sea turtles were trapped by the booms. They burned them up with the oil to keep from having to stop the burn for a rescue that could take hours. (Call me a bleeding heart but that's savage.)"

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