Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Helen was a firecracker.

I miss my grandmother. I wish she was here so that I can tell her "Grandma! you were right! there is NOTHING to like about that music, this really IS the good stuff!" Enjoy a cup of tea with her, while listening to Louis Armstrong as we sit in her little garden of flowers.

NPR played a song tonight on the "Swing Chronicles" that I distinctly remember coming on the radio while driving in her car. I was about thirteen, and making a whole lot of fun out of her music.

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  1. ya know, that's the hardest part of losing those that we love. the pain comes at the oddest times and we can't rewind and go to them just to say, "yup, i can see why you liked that!" or "you were right all along i should have listened, i'm sorry". we have to trust that they can hear our hearts from where they are. love ya girl.


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