Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We got Courtney


We only saw her a few times, but the manager's daughter saw her many more times than that, so we named her Courtney. She seemed to only come out when she was in the barn. Then she disappeared. Then we killed seven Brown Recluses that were living on the wooden door.
Let me tell you about it.
After checking online I realized that all the spiders on the bathroom door were really BROWN RECLUSES! I went to the barn the next day with FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: kill deadly spiders on door
of room where my ass (and other parts that I don't want to look like this) are very vulnerable.

The manager, Keith sprayed the three on the door with poison and LIKE FIVE CAME CRAWLING OUT FROM UNDER THE WOODEN PICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I threw whatever was in may had as far as it would go and very involuntarily began swatting at my hair incessantly. Violently. My brain must have registered as emergency because it made me jump up and down profusely as to SHAKE OFF any thing my hands might have missed. I'm not even scared of spiders. I was CREEPED OUT. I heard BR's were small spiders- THEY ARE NOT SMALL. NOT. SMALL.

A day or two later he said he fogged the bathroom. I thought he was placebo-ing me. Tonight she appeared on the floor, mostly dead but her legs were still movin around a little. It kinda affected me, I don't like to kill bugs. But what is she?? She's much to black to be a Brown Recluse, and probably too big. I can't even look online anymore. The swatting reaction starts happening again.


By the way- I have the National Audibon Society of Spiders and Insects and I just really don't like it. Its pictures are horrible and it never just says "This spider will bite you and it will hurt. Go to the Hospital immediently" or "This will bite you but you won't loose a leg over it."
It's frustrating.

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  1. THIS is the picture you sent me?

    How terrifying!

    There are Recluses up here too. In attics and "dark places". But I'm kind of afraid of Florida now. Thanks Chris.


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