Friday, August 10, 2007

Riding, Lately.

There is always, like clockwork a moment in my lesson that I think "the French Man won't want to train me anymore after this ride." He spends an hour teaching me to PROPERLY ride a 20m circle. The man is a Professional. He ride the highest level of dressage that a person can ride and he teaching me to ride a CIRCLE. A Circle. And he is screaming at me, I guess because he is a professional that can ride the highest level of Dressage a person can ride and he's watching me ride and EGG.
I am so thankful that he still wants to train me to ride as a Professional does.

He says "Ze LaSt time I know of, ze circles in AmeriCa arr ze same as ze ciRCHLe in FRhaaanze. christine, your circle is looking like a EhggH." As I am attacking with the leg on ze inside and closing off the leg on ze outside, trying to shorten the draw reins, not drop the snaffle reins, hold the whip and all this while despertly seeking deepness in my seat and dying of heat stroke...but it's all good. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Lesson on Adedliade

I like this shot
Lesson on Cindy

I feel like I'm getting better. I feel like I am at least progressing.
I feel really excited to work at this because I just got this guy back and I'm going to teach him to do Dressage. After I get him some groceries of course.

Dusty Halo. He's back, and pretty skinny
Dusty Halo

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  1. Christine your arm muscle in that picture is crazy lol. I clean my stall and MY arms don`t look like that. I`m jealous and also glad you have your own horsey now. Congrats! Is he off the track?



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