Sunday, January 28, 2007

zedaker's website

Here's the website for the barn where I ride-
I have been working on it for the past week.

Man. Building a website is a real pain in the ass and especially when you have a computer that was on the market not long after 8-track tapes and abcus's it slow going. Seriously, you can buy a computer like mine on eBay for about $50-$100.

I used to think that the Wacom tablet was too technologically advanced for me, but now I won't even touch a mouse, no matter how optical it is (In fact, they should just start selling the macs WITH the Wacom tablet). I also used to think that having two monitors was way to confusing for me...I'm really starting to see the light on that one too.

So. I'm learning DreamweaverMX 2004 with the help of Garo Green and Lynda Weinman. I was turned on to Lynda by Summer and found a book by them in the HOT (Hands On Training) series on sale a while back. I have never had any formal classes on how to build a website and this book made it easy. Kinda. It's a whole 'nother world compared to print design...
So my site's not TOTALLY AMAZING but I think it's a start.

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