Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkey Day Round-Up

I'm in Louisville (LOOH-ah-vooOOl) at my aunt & uncle's great house. The news in on and they're now telling a story about a woman jockey that was busted for making crystal meth. Earlier, when my dad and I were having coffee, they announced the lead in for the first time and I said "well, yeah. I guess that's no surprise. I mean it would make them beat the horse faster, wouldn't it?" Hell. With the horses all strung out on cocaine, why not give the jockey some meth? you git one hell of a duo truckin ass around the track and I'm SURE it's one hell of a ride! It could be called "track action" simular to, but not the same as football's "play action".

It's pretty early in the morning here and since most of my family is much more active at night (vampires) they're all still asleep. I found my Uncle's computer and decided to see how much better life would be with a laptop with wire-less access to update da'blog. Typing on this thing is weird, it keeps putting the curser all over the place. I'm using a PC AGAIN.

Two of my little cousins, Timmy and Nickolas just woke up and I'm going to fix them some gourmet breakfast- "you guys want some cereal?"

breakfast post turkey
The funniest thing about this for me is that my Aunt has perfectly nice dishes- but the bowls were like plates with a rim (which makes for a real shotty cereal bowl) so when I placed the ones you see here on the counter and started to pour the cereal into them, they both looked at me like "??OOHkaay?"

My mom just got up and now I think I better make a run for the shower because with 23 people all staying in the same place, you have to get in there before the hot water tank implodes. I'll allow myself time for one more person to wake up before I run for the hot water.

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful and seeing the whole family is one of my favorite things espically as I get older. We're all here- we even have two small babies added to the clan little Launa and Maurice Jr. although I'm not much of a baby oogler I cooed at them a bit.

Today I think we will go into the city and explore a bit. I don't care what the heck, because everywhere you look here in Louisville there's HORSES. We will go to Churchill Downs, the holy grail of horse racing on Saturday and I hope maybe to go out with the cousins. Always a good time. The Sun is beaming through the windows here and it's supposed to be 67 degrees today! I LOVE LOUISVILLE. There's something about it.

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