Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Twister and I earlier today

I am so happy right now. I am so happy that I get to go and do this.

It helps me like my three times a week Green Tea. It WORKS for me. Even if I suck at it, it's one of the main things in my life that I am fiercely committed to. I want to soak up every little drop of knowledge about riding that I can. It's something I learn so easily, because I'm so interested. Execution, however is another thing all together. Let's get that straight now.

Some rides are good, sometimes I get off feeling like I have no business on a horse. But everytime I am thankful. I LOVE it. I'm horse crazy.



  1. better than I could do, I'd prolly fall off after all these years, well not really but I bet I would be sore for a day or two.
    I have no business being on one but that wouldn't stop me from enjoying the ride.
    Lucky you for sure!

  2. Love of something creates will and endurance. It's one of the beautiful things in life. Glad to hear it works for you!


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