Wednesday, February 15, 2006

at least not yet.

SO the girl, the really sweet Ila, at the stables? she had to get her horse a penis amputation! she told me all about it. She's 16, sitting in the vet's office with her parents looking at photos of "horses with worse cancer on their penis's". HOW FUNNY IS THAT?! she said she feels like a mother telling everyone that her daughter just got her period.
cost: $1000
Her other horse, the thoroughbred I rode today named Jet, he colic-ed in the summer (like, stomach back up, constipation of sorts- VERY dangerous) and she took him into the vet. They vet's office WATCHED him for two days and charged her $2000. yup. two thousand dollars. T H A T 's why I don't own a horse.

Ila & Jet at the Fair last summer

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