Monday, January 30, 2006

It's a STEELERS Sunday!

Last weekend I went to Pittsburgh for the game, and to spend some valuable time with the Santuccinators + Aaron.
me and some silly get up

This was a much more laid back game day than the week previous, where we started drinking at noon and the next thing we know STEELERS win and we drink more, and then we're all getting hit on by this swinger couple and she keeps doing that little " lift shirt- show-stomach, show-stomach- turn around-wiggleass-wiggleass." thing, while he is standing in back of the room watching her. They were both totally insane. Pretty good times, my friends.
Anyway, we went to Silky's first (the Dutchess loves Silky's) and since it was so packed we went to Buffalo Blues in Shadyside.
"I don't hate the STEELERS, I hate the fans." -whatever.

It was packed there too, but the crowd was off the hook.
Pittsburgh's goin' YINZ.
I love the woman in the lower right!

Mila points out, again:
Aaron, Mycol and the hosiewhatsits

Mycol thinks I'm taking his photo, but I'm really not I'm snapping a picture of what is going on in the background...see that couple there? Just as I spotted it, the Dutchess turns to me and says "Hey. look at those dykes over there. they were just frenchin' & slobberin all over each other." with that unique matter-of-fact-ness that leaves me laughing out loud. I didn't even flinch, I grabbed my camera and started snapping. "Wow. Pittsburgh's so cool." I said, as Mila laughed. She went on to explain how she thought that this was such an "unattractive" couple and how men just don't want to see two "unattractive" lesbians kissing out in public and so on...then they turned around at the same time as to head to the bar. MILA AND I LOOK RIGHT AT EACH OTHER STARTLED because, They weren't lesbians, it was a man and a woman. The dude was way smaller- OK! ahhhnd she's a creative writer, alright! We're sorry.

santuccinator and...
is he even looking at her?

This is probably the point where Mila is trying to tell Aaron to check out those two lesbians over there (we explain what big jackasses we are later) and he's looking..but has he looked at his SHIRT lately? Way to roll the Game Day look.

Mila points out:

"OOH. I DUNNO. tell her!"
"NO WAY. you tell her."
"That's a toughie."
I just left that exchange right there.

The threat

A glimpse of my Game Day. How was yours?
Yinz' watch dem STILLRS win da SuperBowl n'aT.

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  1. Yunz was dawn in my neck of da woods. :) Go Steelers! Toby


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