Thursday, December 22, 2005

The 2 am International Shelf

the shelf.
I found it somewhere along the way and had it hanging on the wall in most every apartment I've lived in. The other day while storing the extra Christmas decorations I spotted it. I wanted to hang it on my wall, but the wood was unfinished and it would have stuck out, then I remembered that I had some black stain in the basement, so I took it down there and painted it right away (this all gave me a good reason to use my $10 cordless drill and screwdriver, too.)

I hung it up on my wall and put the things I love to look at on it . My favorite picture of my grandmother, the driftwood that looks curiously like a rabbit's head, an old Mexican doll I found in this house, those Chinese jingling balls, feathers I've collected, my National Audibon Society Field Guides, my magnifing bug viewer, the Five Horned Beetle from Thailand, a horseshoe I found in the pasture where I was training in Florida, little Buddah, and a crazy little picture from Belarus with stones glued on it.)
Then I took this old frame just sitting on my bookcase and two butterflies I've had in an air tight container for the last three years, matted it, glued them in there. And oh, yes, that cute antique spotlight that I have been shuffling around since move number two, took me about an hour to find that sucker.
and it was like, 2:00 in the morning.
Pretty proud of it.

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