Friday, November 11, 2005

say la vie

The bar I was working at is not the bar I work at any longer. The owner, and my longtime friend Tom, had to sell the place because of many reasons I really shouldn't discuss here. This isn't that kind of blog (not yet anyway).

In the selling process, the papers went through very RAPIDLY because one of the three buyers works at the bank with Tom's wife- he's some big manager guy or something. So a few Friday's ago, right before Halloween (and my birthday) Tom got a call from his wife telling him "You better party it up right because tonight's the last night." Nix the ultimate Halloween party we were planning and also the private party with Filet Mignon the following Sunday. No one could believe it.

It was true. Friday was the last night. Sure as hell the new buyers were there Saturday morning cleaning the place out. Literally. They not only disinfected the place with sponges and bleach, they got rid of EVERY one of the employees. Including me. I'm QUITE sure it was because of the dirty laundry that Tom's wife was airing at her work about the bar. I mean the place was a snow palace (and if you don't know what that means, GOOD.)

At one point on a thriving Saturday night, I got so annoyed that I HAD to ask Tom "SO? isn't it like, one drug dealer per know, get off my block kind of shit? There's six powder pushers in here right now. SIX!" and they weren't spending any money. They just want to "talk" to Tom. Secret meeting in the kitchen. Secret meeting in the storage closet. Secret meeting in the bathroom (of course). These supposed "SECRET" meetings going on all over the place.

I just step back and watch. I don't touch blow. I never have. No desire. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to come off as a goodie goodie, I have my own likes, but not the powder. And JESUS with the Oxy Cotins!!! WHY THE FUCK WOULD SOMEONE SNORT AN OXY COTIN?! idiots. There. it is that kind of blog NOW.

These people act like complete fools while they are parting. I mean I understand as a bartender I see people at the most raw...DRUNK, I see a lot of the negative side of their personalities as well as the happy when-consuming-alcohol side. BUT. The side that comes out when I see someone parting big is the "I'll repeat that story an (unlimited number) of times until you would have heard fifteen different versions from MY OWN mouth, all in the next 30 minutes. " and then, the Xanex trolls come out. "Xanex?! got any Xanex?!" looking all like Gollum.
And I LIKE these people. Really.

So anyway. We all got fired, and I'm assuming that it is because of the reputation the place had acquired. I was part of that place. Just not part of the special-super-secret-meetings.
It's not HELPING me get another bartending job on that side of town either.

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  1. Christine, sorry to hear about the bar. It's hard when things change because they don't represent the part of the world people like to look at. Maybe if our leaders were a little more worried about people's welfare and a little less about thier next tax break, there would be some social services that actually worked to improve the situation. I blame it on the president and his ilk. - Toby


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