Friday, September 02, 2005

Canfield Fair 2005!!

Llama lookin at me
ahahaa! Llama, Llama how'd you get so cute?
Ila and Jet Ila and Jet!
Ila's stall Portrait of a horsegirl.
coach the coach watches...I watched the 4H for a little bit (still way longer than ANY non horse person would) then went over to the draft barns. That's when the batteries on my camera started to die.
Big Huge, Tiny, Little I fall in love a thousand times at the Fair.
Bored already. I like this shot. I think it's a good "county fair shot".
star, star, gee, bee. That could only mean one thing: GET BACK IN. I'm totally going back tonight for the world's largest demolition derby and to take more photos. Have I mentioned that I LOVE THE FAIR!?

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