Thursday, July 28, 2005

my friend.

She is looking but being pretty picky and doubtful about the prospect of a good man. I mean, what is a good man anymore?
she doesn't know, but she does know that she's sick of her vibrator and would love some arms wrapped around her body, and a reliable source to snuggle up to in the middle of the night. And she's thinking way too much about what's not even really anything...

She says that she has taken quite a liking to the laborer type, the hard workers...the excavators, the construction workers, the concrete finishers, and the brick layers. The ones that psysically bust their asses to get the job done. They've got skills, and they can change the oil in her car. I can respect that. There are a few I keep hearing about and I'm gonna tell what I know about them. Maybe this will help me, help her.

 The Fluke is a sag with a deep voice and has features that would make the all american boy jealous. He's a little older than her. She said he's so hot, he sizzles (obviously my friend has gone way overboard with the lame adjectives.) She doesn't see him that much and when she does, it's usually on a spur of the moment type of thing, and that's alright because she's trying to decide. She's running to grab her phone when it rings, but not ALL to dissappointed if it's not him.

He's dirty. He likes to talk about things that would get you in big trouble in catholic school. She said it's the hottest she's ever had. She's even thinking about obliging his request and "dressing up" for know, garters, leather, lace that sort of thing? She has always wanted, ever since I can remember, to purchase a garter belt. It has the possibility to get really kinky and that is enough to prompt her to leave a six pack and strawberries on his doorstep and take off to another county for the weekend- no crazy stalker girl shit, just a treat after a long day of work in the hot sun. She's been waiting for the "dirty boy", none of the others would go for it.

The next one is the brick layer. His nickname is Crush, because he comes to see her at work and mostly he is coming right from work looking cute enough to crush on. And he flirts with her. She flirts with him. She loves his smile, and she really got to crushin' when he appeared there all the sudden cleaned up and ready to go out for coctails, smiling so big. crush is a cancer cusp and he's got a soft voice, talks almost in a whisper. sexy. She wants to find out how he makes his way around.
to be continued...what shall a girl do

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