Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Illustrator, SHMilistrator.

GRAPHIC ARTIST, (or anyone that know what the meaning of vector art is)
IF you are using Adobe Illustrator*, STOP NOW!

pray (or direct positive energy toward, whichever you prefer...not trying to convert anyone here.) that someone in a cheezy plaid blazer and peppermint green "blouse" is gonna to knock on your door, pass you a flyer, and ask you if you'd like to receive MACROMEDIA FREEHAND as your person lord and savior.

because Freehand rules.

* all due respect to Adobe and their amazing software. everything else is rock and roll.

1 comment:

  1. I worked for a computer dealer for a number of years ar thier prepress publishing guy (but many years ago) and at that time, FreeHand was an Aldus product! So at one point, it was companion product to PageMaker - I always prefered it too - it handled colors better and beziers were infiinitely easier. It's fun to see that it's a) still being developed and b) kicking A**!


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