Thursday, October 14, 2004

workin on an elephant

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I have been working all day and alot of the past nights on the Youngstown Phantoms Hockey Program. The company I work for~Phantom Fireworks~ owns, well... the owner ownes a hockey team. All the players are 18-20 and they are working toward a hockey scholarship at a top hockey college. They live in host families homes, they go to school, they skate hard and FIGHT TOO ~eh, what's a hockey game without a fight?~

It's 36 pages and I have taken all the photos, inside and out. There was a professional photographer at the site of the old steel mill taking shots for the newspaper. geesh, I felt like a dork, here's me with the Nikon 5000, and the thirty dollar tripod clicking away at the buttons to get the F stop to change... here's him, with the Nikon blabbityblahblah, extension lenses, flash add ons, measuring the light with his trusty light measurerer and clicking away on REAL FILM. aLL business. I swear he had a rack on his car to transport the damn thing. real film, hau. iiiiee have to take 200 pictures to get a few good ones.

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